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Teachmefisting Teaching Marie

Enjoy free preview with Marie from TeachMeFisting starring in the "Teaching Marie" scene! We thought Marie is not the type of girls who would try fisting at all. I mean, she has all those huge tits and stuff, so who would a gorgeous girl like her be interested in fisting? She said she wants to surprise her guy – oh damn! But once she’s here, let’s her give what she came here for. Right with the baseball bat we start, and after a good lubrication it easily slides in and out of her pussy. Nice, honey, but it’s time to go one step further. That’s what Stella, our assistant in this set also waits for. She puts on her gloves and impatiently starts to insert her fingers into Marie’s well lubricated, oily pussy. Since it slides easily, she goes even further and inserts more and more fingers until there’s no single one left – and her whole fist is inside Marie’s throbbing pussy, hooray!

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