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Teachmefisting Teaching Daniella

Enjoy free preview with Daniella from TeachMeFisting starring in the "Teaching Daniella" scene! Allright, I know, Daniella is not that classic beauty, but there’s something perverse in being hooked up with a girl who’s rather ugly, but very enthusiastic to do everything for you. And when we say everything, we really mean it! Just check out her with that glass in her hand. She’ll measure how much pee she could swallow. And that’s just for exercise before the real stuff begins! This time we don’t start with regular dildos, but with baseball bat right away. And it seems she doesn’t need much time to work on her pussy, it opens up like a well trained… well, hole. Then comes the exciting part: she’s pushing her fingers into it with a kinky smile on her face. Got the point? That’s what I was referring to at the beginning!

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