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Teachmefisting Teaching Barbara Voice

Enjoy free preview with Barbara Voice from TeachMeFisting starring in the "Teaching Barbara Voice" scene! Now, we couldn’t call Barbara an inexperienced rookie, she’s done modeling before. But interestingly enough, she hasn’t tried fisting yet. Could you believe it? Such a nice lady but still no guy to fist her pussy? Amazing! It’s a big luck that we’re here to solve the problem. So, let’s get started, we handle her a double headed dildo. She inserts one head and smiles, no problem yet. Now we suggest her to insert the other end as well, and enjoying the double dildo stretch. That’s a bit different now and she begins to feel the stretch and her muscles opening up. But we’re not done yet, there comes the huge one, to top her pleasures. Plus a baseball bat? Okay… Honey, now, try to insert some of your fingers. Your pussy is huge and wide- open now, trust us… See? It did succeed!!

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